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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Greatest Day In Baseball...Rick Monday

Preview of BALL Lesson: Rick Monday

The Greatest Day In Baseball...Rick Monday.

On this particular Memorial Day, this favorite baseball moment seems fitting...

Rick Monday wasn't a flashy player. He wasn't the most gifted. But he had something that every team needs, every player eventually wants to be known for, and every manager wishes he could teach, but can't: Rick Monday had...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Where do you find good ideas?

From Seth Godin:

Do you often find ideas that change everything in a windowless conference room, with bottled water on the side table and a circle of critics and skeptics wearing suits looking at you as the clock ticks down to the 60 minutes allocated for this meeting?

If not, then why do you keep looking for them there?

The best ideas come out of the corner of our eye, the edge of our consciousness, in a flash. They are the result of misdirection and random collisions, not a grinding corporate onslaught. And yet we waste billions of dollars in time looking for them where they're not.

A practical tip: buy a big box of real wooden blocks. Write a key factor/asset/strategy on each block in big letters. Play with the blocks. Build concrete things out of non-concrete concepts. Uninvite the devil's advocate, since the devil doesn't need one, he's doing fine.

Have fun. Why not? It works.