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Monday, September 26, 2011

Run your own race...

Seth Rocks...

The rear view mirror is one of the most effective motivational tools ever created.

There's no doubt that many people speed up in the face of competition. We ask, "how'd the rest of the class do?" We listen for someone breathing down our necks. And we discover that competition sometimes brings out our best.

But if you're going to count on the competition to bring out your best work, you've surrendered control over your most important asset. Real achievement comes from racing ahead when no one else sees a path--and holding back when the rush isn't going where you want to go.

If you're dependent on competition then you're counting on the quality of those that show up to determine how well you'll do. Worse, you've signed up for a career of faux death matches as the only way to do your best work.

Self motivation is and always will be the most important form of motivation. Driving with your eyes on the rear view mirror is exhausting. It's easier than ever to measure your performance against others. But if it's not helping you with your mission...stop.

- Seth Godin

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BALL selected as a FORBES "America's Most Promising Companies" finalist!

Garden Grove, CA

Forbes business magazine has selected Beyond Athletic Life Lessons as one of it's finalists in the annual feature entitled "America'a Most Promising Companies". We at BALL are honored to be included.

Beyond Athletic Life Lessons is an educational nonprofit serving youth sports and educational communities. BALL teaches emotional, mental, and physical intelligence through sports by using the Wooden Pyramid of Success, and integrating it's concepts with historically-significant athletes that exemplify Wooden's core values.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scholarship Fundamentals

I don't typically endorse products, but this one might be important if you plan on sending your kid to college.

Coach Kittle's "College Recruiting and You" book is a good call
...even if you don't think your kid is a scholarship-caliber player. It provides good fundamental information for any sport. You can also use it as a "cross-train" platform to contact colleges about other types of scholarships (fine arts, academic, etc.) as well.

As a high school coach, I know much of Kittle's content already. I bought the book anyway because I could always use more good, I figured that the money-back guarantee from a third party (Yogi Berra's baseball school CEO) was a pretty strong endorsement.

I was pleased to find that it's a very valuable parent/coaching reference book. It's organized extremely well and has all the information a parent needs in one place. The college web links alone are worth the price of the book. Kittle has found a permanent spot on my bookshelf.

If this helps swing you over to buying the book, please take note: I get no financial compensation for this plug.

Make each day your masterpiece!

Ted Browne
Beyond Athletic Life Lessons, Inc.