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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

From an old coach...

Tis the season to be thankful.

We are blessed to be still involved in baseball because:

Of the look in his eyes after he has had a big game

Of the tears in his eyes after a tough loss

He drags himself off the cursed video games to come and ask ‘ Dad, wanna play some catch?’

He is learning lessons in life from this wonderful game. He is learning to deal with failure, that hard work and discipline results in more success/fun, selflessness in working towards team goals and to not concern himself with things over which he has no control.

Of all the wonderful friends that we have made at the ballpark that will remain friends even after the bright lights dim.

We are thankful for:

The coaches that care and give so many hours to try to help other people’s kids to have a meaningful and enjoyable baseball experience

The umpires that take so much flack but give so much for the love of the game

The wins that bring such joy and gratification

The losses that keep us humble and make us understand where improvement must be made.

Those wonderful creatures “Baseball Moms”, who Squeal with glee for each Home Run, yet kiss away the tears and offer gentle admonitions to ‘suck it up’ when they get thrown out at home with the tying run and bloody their knee. Who wash their warrior’s unis and prepare his lucky pregame pasta before every game. Who come to love the game and never want it to end.

This little boy's game we call baseball that if we are lucky we can share with our son for a long time but will look back on as some of the best years of our lives!


Please feel free to share this Thanksgiving message with your baseball friends.

Yours In Baseball
Bruce Lambin