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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Challenge is coming!

    The Challenge: This multi-faceted lesson cross-trains kids via a fundamentals-based 1 hour “station to station” practice, while instilling the “Help Others” Wooden maxim as the over-arching theme.  The Challenge begins by linking “Help Others” to the  story of how Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente used his baseball talent as a means to help the poor.  

The lesson continues as the kids explain to their friends and family about how they’ve accepted The Challenge to help their team, their league, and one of three local kid-centric charities raise funds. After the Challenge Practice is completed and the funds are collected, the team makes a difficult team decision: Which charity gets the proceeds?

One of our leagues is using The Challenge as a catalyst for a two-pronged fund raising effort.  In addition to the charity, they're also using the proceeds to help rehabilitate their field's batting cages.  Cost?  $15,000....

Make each day your masterpiece!


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