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Friday, July 9, 2010


Many of you know that Beyond Athletic Life Lessons (“BALL”) is a corporate/private-sponsored educational nonprofit, and that Sports Authority's local stores have been a HUGE early supporter of BALL.

GREAT news…

Due to our growing presence in the youth sports arena, Sports Authority surprised me this morning with thousands of dollars’ worth of gift certificates for all participating Beyond Athletic Life Lessons Summer Baseball teams. This works out to $120 per Summer BALL team. The certificates are in booklets that have 24 certificates in $5 denominations. They are good for anything in the store. My son likes the Quench gum, gourmet sunflower seeds and king sized Snickers bars. I like the whiffle ball 6-pack or the whiffle golf ball 12-pack so we can practice his swing. Let your dentist be your guide.

COACHES: You can award these to your players for anything you like, but please consider using these as incentives for completing a BALL lesson or for being named a “BALL Practice MVP”.

In addition to the certificates, the booklets contain several coach and player coupons (such as “get $10 off a $25 purchase”). These are the same “Coaches Club” coupon booklets normally limited to one book per each manager who brings in his/her current roster and sign up for the Sports Authority Coaches Club.

If you visit the location closest to BALL's headquarters (in Fountain Valley, CA), be sure to thank Sports Authority's store 632 manager Shawn Ghalikar. He laid the groundwork for the gift and has been an enthusiastic BALL supporter from the start.

Regardless of which store you visit, please make sure to have your kids thank the store manager the B.A.L.L. way:
1) Look at him/her straight in the eyes
2) Shake his hand with a firm grip, and
3) say "THANKS for supporting our community!"

Make each day your masterpiece!

Ted Browne
Chief Storyteller
Beyond Athletic Life Lessons, Inc.

Beyond Athletic Life Lessons, Inc. (“BALL”) cross trains kids for life…

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