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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Role of the Parent in Sports

Sports tend to die down in the dog days of summer for our family, so when the leaves start to turn and the air gets crisp, I feel the rush of football anticipation grow. To appease my appetite for competition, I recently visited a friend's kid's local school on it's first game day of the new school year.

When I arrived in the stands, I was surprised but entertained to hear a small murmur from the crowd when all of the coaches from each school decided to run onto the field wearing the same T-shirts over their normal coaching attire. On the back of the bright yellow shirts, in big, black letters were these words:

Players Play.
Coaches Coach.
Parents Cheer.

And it got better...

Before the start of the game, each coach gave a short talk to the team's fans about cheering for the kids and not bagging on the referees. It seemed to work. The teams played hard, and the parents were cheering for their kids.

I recently ran across an article dealing with this very issue. The link to a pertinent part of it is here.

As the new school year starts,'s the kids that play, and the coaches that coach. We simply cheer the kids on. After the game, we tell them how proud we are of them regardless of the outcome. Let's leave reviewing the game's mistakes and the constructive criticism to the coaches.

Make each day your masterpiece!

Ted Browne
Chief Storyteller

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