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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Food for thought...

Even though we're all student athletes at-heart, BALL is actually in the business of serving athletes, their families, and their coaches. So athletes and BALL fans, read on...sometimes it helps to cross train your brain...

When sports turns from your calling to your avocation, eventually you will get a job...With that in mind, following is from one of my favorite business authors, Seth Godin:

You get a job...

> For the money
> To be challenged
> For the pleasure/calling of doing the work
> For the impact it makes on the world
> For the reputation you build in the community
> To solve interesting problems
> To be part of a group and to experience the mission
> To be appreciated

Why do we always focus on the first? Why do we advertise jobs or promotions as being generic on items 2 through 8 and differentiated only by #1?

In fact, unless you're a drug kingpin or a Wall Street trader, my guess is that the other factors are at work every time you think about your work.

Or, if you've learned anything from sports, it's that calculated risks can pay off. So instead of a job, you decide to start a business based on an idea...

> Ideas don't come from watching television
> Ideas sometimes come from listening to a lecture
> Ideas often come while reading a book

Good ideas come from bad ideas, but only if there are enough of them

> Ideas hate conference rooms, particularly conference rooms where there is a history of
criticism, personal attacks or boredom
> Ideas occur when dissimilar universes collide
> Ideas often strive to meet expectations. If people expect them to appear, they do
> Ideas fear experts, but they adore beginner's mind. A little awareness is a good thing
> Ideas come in spurts, until you get frightened. Willie Nelson wrote three of his biggest hits in one week

Ideas come from trouble

> Ideas come from our ego, and they do their best when they're generous and selfless
> Ideas come from nature
> Sometimes ideas come from fear (usually in movies) but often they come from confidence
> Useful ideas come from being awake, alert enough to actually notice

Though sometimes ideas sneak in when we're asleep and too numb to be afraid

> Ideas come out of the corner of the eye, or in the shower, when we're not trying
> Mediocre ideas enjoy copying what happens to be working right this minute
> Bigger ideas leapfrog the mediocre ones
> Ideas don't need a passport, and often cross borders (of all kinds) with impunity

An idea must come from somewhere, because if it merely stays where it is and doesn't join us here, it's hidden. And hidden ideas don't ship, have no influence, no intersection with the market. They die, alone.

- Seth Godin

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