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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scholarship Fundamentals

I don't typically endorse products, but this one might be important if you plan on sending your kid to college.

Coach Kittle's "College Recruiting and You" book is a good call
...even if you don't think your kid is a scholarship-caliber player. It provides good fundamental information for any sport. You can also use it as a "cross-train" platform to contact colleges about other types of scholarships (fine arts, academic, etc.) as well.

As a high school coach, I know much of Kittle's content already. I bought the book anyway because I could always use more good, I figured that the money-back guarantee from a third party (Yogi Berra's baseball school CEO) was a pretty strong endorsement.

I was pleased to find that it's a very valuable parent/coaching reference book. It's organized extremely well and has all the information a parent needs in one place. The college web links alone are worth the price of the book. Kittle has found a permanent spot on my bookshelf.

If this helps swing you over to buying the book, please take note: I get no financial compensation for this plug.

Make each day your masterpiece!

Ted Browne
Beyond Athletic Life Lessons, Inc.

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