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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wooden's Witness Protection Program

Many of you are aware that Coach Wooden was very public about his Christian faith, but was very careful not to "shove it down people's throat". 

By allowing athletes to find their own path, he believed that he could "do more damage for the Kingdom" by living a Christ-centered life and mentoring them in life skills than the "christian" (small "c") that was conviction-centered Fire-and-Brimstone. Those of us that have witnessed the pebble in the pond that he dropped more than 80 years ago know that by any measure, Wooden was successful. 

Because of Wooden's example, by popular demand, a few months ago we began a new project. BALL was asked to create faith-based versions of several of our sports lessons for use in private school curriculum and faith-centered football, basketball, and baseball/softball clinics. This is in addition to our existing lessons that are secular. 

It turns out that these lessons are becoming pretty popular. So now, we need a few volunteers to help convert and/or research more content. This is not a huge time commitment (maybe 2 hours per lesson conversion), and you will be helping change lives through sports... If you are interested in helping this worthwhile endeavor, please message us (privately) at so we can work you in to the rotation. Make each day your masterpiece! 

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